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Sunnyjaya Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd. (“the Company”) was incorporated on 27th April 1999 upon conversion from the Sunnyjaya Plastic Industries, a partnership established in 1992 by 2 brothers who are also the key men of the Company namely Mr. Ong Teng Lye and Mr. Ong Teng Ngo.

The principal activity of the Company is processing and recycling of plastic scrap. The main products of the Company are PPO(FR), PC+ABS(FR), ABS, ABS(FR), POM, HIPS, HIPS(FR) and etc.

The success of the Company was attributed to the world wide view, strong leadership and skillful stewardship of its experienced directors and management. Both the directors and key management team have been the role players in the plastic recycling industry for more than a decade. This pool of well-trained workforce with a mix of industry-specific knowledge, broad business and commercial experience are currently providing technical support and competency to the Company to meets its growing needs at all times. Besides, the Company meets the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2000 and ISO 14001 : 2004 in year 2006. .

The Company under the stewardship of Mr. Ong Teng Lye and Mr. Ong Teng Ngo, believes that a balanced and effective board is instrumental to achieving clarity in direction, efficiency and effectiveness in management to ensure its continuing success. In addition, the Company is also mindful to its code of ethics and the requirements of best business practices to propagate a high level of confidence amongst business associates, bankers and the general public.

The Company aims to establish a presence in the marketplace as a manufacturer for high quality recycled plastic resin at competitive prices for the local and export market. Therefore, over the years, the Company has expanded and focused its business in exportoriented market. The Company’s clientele base spread over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Philippine, Singapore and Sri Lanka. The Company will expand its business to more territories around the globe in order to increase its market share and achieve a global presence.

Today, the Company is one of the leading manufacturers-cum-exporters of recycled plastic resin in Malaysia. The Company’s business operations have grown steadily since formation as a result of its reputation for integrity, reliability, quality and professionalism. Predominantly, the continuous improvement and flourish of the Company in future is under the leadership of both directors who are excelling in Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.


Mr.Ong Teng Ngo

Mr.Ong Teng Ngo is the Executive Chairman of Sunnyjaya Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd. He is the younger’s brother of Mr.Ong Teng Lye, the Managing Director of the Company. Mr.Ong Teng Ngo is the founder of the Company. He threw himself into the plastic industries nearly two decades. He is a leader of the Company with weltanschauung, high aspiration and ambition. In addition, he also plays as the head of marketing department in the Company. The Company continuous improve and growth in financial and non-financial aspects since the formation under his wise leadership and management.

Mr.Ong Teng Ngo travel regularly to visit overseas’ customers and suppliers in order to maintain a good and healthy business relationship with them. It is undeniable that he is an expertise in public relationships.

His contact number is +6012-408 0125.


Mr.Ong Teng Lye

Mr.Ong Teng Lye is the Managing Director of Sunnyjaya Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd.. He is the elder’s brother of Mr.Ong Teng Ngo, the Executive Chairman of the Company.

Mr.Ong Teng Lye has been in the plastic industry for more than a decade. He is one of the founders of the Company. He is a very hardworking and a dynamic businessman. He put in many efforts to explore the new overseas market while at the early stage of the Company formation.

He plays an important role in the strategic management and also acts as a strategic thinker in the Company. Apart from being the key personnel in the top management, he is a very humble and friendly superior. He believes that a proper motivation either extrinsic (for instance, bonus or incentive) or intrinsic (for instance, recognition or promotion) to the employees is the ultimate key of success to the Company. Therefore, he always treated the employees as the Company most valuable assets.

The understanding, open minded policy and always be a good listener to the employees resulting in very low labour turnover rate and hence attract and retain the talented staff with high job satisfaction as well as improve the performance of the Company in overall. The management philosophy and business skills from Mr.Ong Teng Lye are apparently proven effective, efficient and efficacy.

In conclusion, hard work and concentration is a key play of his success.

His contact number is +6012-421 3597.

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